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Modular Toolbox

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

When I first got my 3D printer, the amount of tool and parts left was some what overwhelming. Living in a small apartment, I didn't had enough space to keep a proper toolbox (even though I had tools, other than the ones for the printer), and I didn't wanted to mix them and lose with the rest of my small collection of tools.

This Modular Toolbox was designed to be integrated in to the frame of my Ender 3D, but it may work with others that have the same frame. I created it to fit all the tools that came with the printer in a way that they are easily accessible.

There are two versions of the box (4 if you count as with or without hole), a Tall and a Short, which is half the size of the Tall, and they both came with or without the hole in the bottom. There are two versions of the connector too (this one is for real only two versions), to connect two boxes or 4 boxes.

I printed it out to test it out, and printing quality aside, the design works really well. Its hard to see it, but the box in the back is a Short one, being hold only by the connector.

I haven't tried yet, but I'm pretty confident that the box can be printed in any size needed, just need to make sure that everything is scaled evenly.

You can download this by clicking here!


Software used

  • 3Ds Max (Modeling and Rendering)

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